Renaming button "restart selection"

How is it possible to rename the button “restart selection”? It shows up in the boxed structure of experiments. I would need to rename it in German.

This new feature unfortunately is not customisable through the UI.
But here is a one line fix that will replace the text.

  • Add a text element
  • change to code view
  • paste this
  $("[data-task=reset-progressive-choice]").text("Auswahl neu starten");

I assume you’re using the progressive choice option in a best-worst
So it should look like this

This funny $ notation is called JQuery - which is native to SurveyEngine and is extremely widely used online.

This method can be used to manipulate any element in the page.
In this case the expression says

  • with the list of all elements that have the attribute data-task set to reset-progressive-choice
  • replace text text part of the markup with the German ‘Auswahl neu starten’

Thank you very much!