Formatting a forced choice following a DCE choice set with an opt-out option


In my survey, I have included a third alternative in the DCE which acts as an opt-out. Should participants choose this alternative/the opt-out, I would like to follow up with a question on the same choice task which forces participants to make a choice i.e. “What would you pick if you had to select between A or B?”

I was wondering if I can program this forced choice task in the software ,and, if so, how.

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Hi there,
There is a good tutorial on this here.

The trick is to capture the response and then show a parallel forced choice experiment if they opt out.

Its also on the tutorials.

Hi benno,

I have checked the optout tutorial and have a question.

In the espression “SE_experiment_data_by_design_row(optout, 1, pref1)”, we need to specify the design row which is 1 here to duplicatet the same design row to respondents in the follow-up forced task.

But it will only show the specific designs to all respondents by doing this way. I am wondering if we can still introduce the randomly selected design row to respondents and retrive this design for respondents in the follow-up forced choice task?

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Easiest way to do this is make them sequential (1,2,3) in the experiment then randomise the pages. Top right on the page editor.