Formatting attribute names

Dear SurveyEngine colleagues,

I have double-checked the forum and can’t see anyone has asked this question yet so hopefully useful to other people too.

Under the Experiment > Spec tab, I can currently enter my attribute names, (X1, X2 etc.) but it is not possible to edit the font so that text appears on two lines, or in bold.

I would like to include the name of the attribute in bold and then a description of the attribute in parentheses below it non-bold.

As an example, I would like x1 to look like:

 **Your Quality of Life**
 (with your current treatment)

I think this is possible on the Advanced tab by editing the CSS code:

I have tried by editing the code to: Your Quality of Life (with your current treatment) but this did not work.

Thanks in advance!

There is a legacy issue with the attribute names not having the formating options - its raw HTML currently.

So to to format the attribute x1 to be bold and have a linebreak you’d need the HTML markup

<b>Your Quality of Life</b><br>(with your current treatment)

CSS won’t help as you’ve got linebreaks

The other alternatives are

  1. Turn the Experiment into a HTML template then you’ve got full control or
  2. some fancy JQuery to re-render elements.

If people are interested in the latter I’ll add another post.

  • BW

Thanks for your quick reply.

When I make your first suggested change to the HTML code in the Custom Layout Template, no change is visible, either in Layout tab or by clicking preview?

The code now reads:

        <td style="width: 33.3%;" class="attribute_label" name="x1"><b>Your Quality of Life</b><br>(with your current treatment)</td>
        <td style="width: 33.4%;" class="se_choice_table_cell">
          <div class="attribute" style="" name="x1" alt="opt1">
            <div class="editor_p" style="text-align: center;"><b>POOR</b></div>
            <div class="editor_p" style="text-align: center;"><b><br></b></div>
            <div class="editor_p" style="text-align: center;"><i>Slight</i> mobility issues + <I>slight

Is there some issue with viewing the experiment when using Custom Layout Template mode?

It is difficult to know whether this is an issue with the code, or with the platform?

Thanks again.

This looks like an issue specific to your code that requires a look in your account. Can you contact with the project name and account name and we’ll take this offline until we work out what the issue is.