Participant screening | Screen out using display condition for multiple choice questions


At the start of my DCE I would like to screen my participants with a question similar to the following:

Have you or a family member experienced disease X:
[1] Yes, I have / had disease X - screen in
[2] Yes, a family member has / has had disease X - screen in
[3] No, neither myself or a family member has, now or previously, disease X - screen out

Respondents that select option 1 and 2 will complete the survey. Respondents that select option 3 will be screened out and need to be sent to a redirect link to an external survey company (so it knows they did not take part).

I have created this screening question as “q1” and I have then used a survey exit and the Display Condition: ($q1==3), but this display condition does not work for multiple choice questions (if I change the question type to single choice, then this works).

Thanks in advance,


Hi Rob,

the variable names are slightly different for multiple choice questions. For your three answers you have variables $q1_1, $q1_2, and $q1_3. Each of them has the value 1 if it is not selected and 2 if it is selected. You can see this if you click “Dictionary” in the menu on the left.

Hence, the correct display condition for your screenout is “$q1_3 == 2”.

Side remark: For a question like yours you might want to consider ticking “Last label is ‘None’” in the options section of the question. In that case, all other options are automatically unchecked if you check option 3.

Hi Lutz,

Thank you for your reply.

Using the dictionary, I combined two display conditions as follows:

($broad_screen_3!=2 or $broad_screen_5==2)

#(where "broad_screen" is the name of the question)#

Using this logic, people are screened out if they do not select option 3, or if they select option 5 (even if they select both option 3 and 5). This seems to work for my use case.

Thanks for your help!


Yes, this condition should do the job.