Matrix formating

Hello, is it possible to format a matrix of single choice with levels (or options) in rows and attributes in columns to allow single choice by column (knowing that the default presentation just allows single choice by row) ? For example, in the illustration below, we need the respondent to be able to choose just one of the 6 options for the Answer 1.

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 10.42.01 AM

Am I right in assuming that there are multiple columns? because this example can be done as-is with either a closed question or matrix with a single option.

If you have multiple ‘attributes’ an want respondents to answer columnwise - It is possible with some Javascript (jquery) to re-organise the levels - but this is poor usability as it breaks the normal way people scan and read (left to right - top to bottom).

But maybe you have a good reason. Can you post a more fleshed out example and we’ll post the JS necessary.

Hello Benno,

Thanks for your reply. It is a medical questionnaire so this format is wanted.

The different questions come in a matrix format and have different shapes. As we didn’t find out how to reproduce the wanted format, we have the option to split the questions. But having the respondents to give columnwise answers is necessary.

I share with you some questions of the original questionnaire (in french). You’ll find the different matrix shapes we can find in the questionnaire.