Drag and drop, use of previous response to do a pivot randomization


Section 1: In our survey we have a section where we present to the respondents a list of 13 attributes and we want them to choose the 5 attributes that are the most important for them (using the drag and drop). How to allow the respondent to just be able to choose 5 components (or attributes) ?

Section 2: In the this part representing the choice experiment, we want, for each respondent, that his chosen dimensions in the previous section to be part of the experiment. In fact, the respondent will have to compare, in each choice round, cards with 7 attributes presented in section 1. We want 5 of the attributes in those cards to be those chosen in section 1 (with the same order of importance) of the remaining 2 will be randomly chosen among the 8 remaining non-selected dimensions of the section 1.


These are two separate questions
For 1. Use the normal ranking question and use the drag and drop layout.
But - make this optional and then put in custom validation to check exactly 5 have been chosen

For 2. You’ll need to map the ranked questions from above into the five atribute levels and pipe them into the experiment.

See Software Tutorials - SurveyEngine GmbH
and look at the tutorials for
Ranking Questions
and Pivot Experiments