Using Decks to create Treatment and Control Group

I want my survey to split the respondents into two equal parts after the first 2-3 pages.
Group 1 and Group 2 should receive different experiments. I think this is done with either decks or segments but couldn’t figure it out by myself how to actually do it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Arne,

you should indeed use a deck to achieve this. Create a deck of size 2 and call it e.g. “group”. For each respondent the value of the variable “$group” will be either 1 or 2 in a uniform distribution.

You can then add a display condition “$group == 1” e.g. to a question and the question will only be shown to those participants who got value 1 from the deck.

If you want to hide an entire section from a group of participants you can use a branch element with such a display condition. Those participants that fulfill the display condition of the branch will directly jump to the page selected in the branch element.

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