Understanding error status of simulations


I have previously run simulations on my experiment with no problem.

However, I recently embedded a Vimeo video on one page and now the simulation does not complete which I guess is caused by the video. I receive the following error message:

“Connection / Application Error (Exit status: 113 - too many requests) (15 %)”

Please could you explain where I can get to the bottom of these errors which might allow me to distinguish between those which need to be addressed, and those which do not?

Thanks in advance,


This is most likely due to the browser window being obscured during the simulation.
Many modern browser go into a shutdown mode when their canvas is obscured - hwoever they all do it inconsistently - the effect is to appear like an error.
The best way is to, just before you are ready to go to field
a) copy your study as name_sim1
b) remove the vide
c) run the simulation
d) check the data
e) manually run through to check the video is not interfering with completion