Increasing the font and color of text

Can the questions be presented in a larger font and different color than the response options?

Use the edit bar on the top of the page to make font customisations. Additionally, under code view further customisation can be made using HTML/CSS.

It seems to me that the font is different in the text and the question boxes. Although I already switched to the foreground colour black within the question style. How is it possible to customize the text and question box styles in the same way?

There are a couple of ways to do this.

  1. item by item - there is a formatting bar at the top

But unless its just for a single item, this is pretty laborious

  1. If you want to do this globally there are 2 further ways

a) in the layout screen you can make all text larger by seleing from the dropdown

but if you want to do something custom lik just increase the font size (and say ) colour of the questions. the best way is to put a custom CSS rule in.

In this case the CSS selector is .se_question,
so either add it as a new rule or add the settings to the existing entry.


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