Adding a choice scenario before each choice task

I was wondering if there is a way to include a choice scenario (e.g. “You are at your doctors…”) on the same page as each choice task? If I include a text section on the same page as the experiment, it does not appear when I preview the survey.

Thank you in advance for any help.

There are a couple of ways of doing this either

  1. independently of the experiment

  2. as part of the experiment

  3. independently - probably the easiest way to do it but sub optimal with regard to sample size.

You could just create a deck, called “situation” of the number of scenarios (say 3: 1 = at home,2 = at the doctors and 3 = at work)
Then on each experiment page insert 3 pieces of text, one for each situation and add to each the display condition
$situation == 1 (for the at home text)
$situation == 2 (for the at the doctors)
$situation == 3 (for the at work)

  1. integrated with the experiment design
    In the experiment Just create an additional attribute and make alternative specific for the first alternative (uncheck generic for all the other alternatives)
    Add your levels: at home, at work etc.

When you generate your design, the “scenario” attribute will be treated just like all the other attributes.

You’ll then need to think about how to display this. Probably use the template and move the markup for the scenario attribute to above the table and maybe put a border around it.

Hope this helps.

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